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Welcome to Cheka, your most experienced private investigator. Serving the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney regions since 1990, with over 20 years police experience, we are highly experienced with an extensive knowledge base and the skill set to provide you with all the facts you need regarding your case. We specialise in all forms of private, business and legal investigations, as well as due diligence for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. No matter what you need investigated, your case will be treated with complete confidentiality. Call us today on 02 4329 2555 or mobile 0428 246 662, and see why we are so well known, capable, and professional.

Specialists In All Investigations Including Due Diligence


No matter what you need investigated, we can take care of it. Our investigations range from personal and domestic matters such as infidelity and childcare investigations, to missing persons and witnesses, right through to business investigations, workplace theft with due diligence. We have worked incredibly closely with the legal sector providing rapid responses to litigation disputes, trademark infractions, and witness locating and briefing for both criminal and civil cases. We have also been serving legal documents for over 30 years.

Our Services

Licensed Commercial Agent

To serve any writ, summons or other legal document. Ascertain the whereabouts of, or repossess, any goods the subject of lease, hire-purchase agreement or bill of sale or take possession of any goods the subject of a mortgage. Collect, request or demand payment of debts on behalf of any other person.

Electronic Debugging

Debugging is the “sweeping” of a room in search of electronic eavesdropping devices which can range from a simple and easily-placed “tap” on your home telephone to an elaborate system of audio and video “bugs” that spy on every movement and conversation in each room of a business or residence.


The best option when knowledge of an individual’s movements, habits, and personal contacts are in question. We unobtrusively observe and you are provided with a credible eye witness, detailed written report and photo and video evidence.

Private Enquiry Agent

Obtain and furnish information as to a persons character or actions of a person, or as to the character or nature of the business or occupation of a person. Search for missing persons on behalf of any other person. 

Government & Insurance Work

Surveillance of individuals going about their regular daily routine. Reporting when a subject does something that would invalidate the disability or workers compensation claim. You are provided with a credible eye witness, detailed written report, photo and video evidence.


This is an issue that is on the mind of many today. Infidelity unfortunately is at an all time high. We can assist in determining the loyalty of your spouse or lover in a number of innovative and discreet ways using surveillance with a detailed written report, photo and video evidence.

More About Us

When You Want The Best Private Investigator


At Cheka Investigation Agency, we work to protect our clients from threats and risks to themselves, their business, property, assets, and information. Our clients make us their first choice in private investigation because when they have a problem that needs solving, we have the experience to determine the best course of action, and we will carry it out to achieve the results they want, quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we have been responsible for countless arrests and convictions for criminal activity from fraud to sabotage, and everything in between. We don’t just work for companies, we work for individuals when the police or other parties are unable to assist.


We Deliver Results Every Time


We respond quickly, we listen to your problems, we formulate a plan or a solution, and we get the job done. As your local private investigator, we abide by our core values of experience, commitment, and integrity, and we demonstrate these values in the field in every single case. Don’t gamble your outcome on an amateur. You can trust our professional service through and through, and you won’t be disappointed. Call us today for a confidential consultation.


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